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    • Vacancy rates and tenant pre-qualifications are major factors which affect your investment.
    • With our Condo Rental Management program we will keep your property rented                         thus bringing you peace of mind.

    Marketing the property

    • design the ad, advertise the property on tailored channels and do phone screening

    Showing the property to potential tenants

    • prepare the rental application documents, show the property to potential tenant, process the complete rental application with Equifax credit score, letter of employment, and reference letters

    Mediating the rental process to closing

    •  verify the tenant's credentials, make background checks, inquire into the tenant history, ensure due diligence, sign the lease agreement, and receive the deposit.

    VALUE ADDED to your condo investment

    Our condo property Management services are integrated with Investment and Rental services.

    We offer you the peace of mind, protect your property and your investment, and ensure a monthly deposit is delivered to your bank account

                                  RENTAL MANAGEMENT 

    Monthly Rent Colle​ction

    • We will make sure that the monthly rent is deposited on time in your bank account and we will notify you

    Maintenance and repairs

    • Your condo is your main investment and will be maintain in top shape. Regular maintenance and unexpected repairs will be handled professionally and in timely manner

    Emergency Services

    Rental maximization

    • The rent you are charging will be adjusted with the rental market to create a maximum return on your investment

    Insurance coverage

    • Adequate insurance coverage will be monitored and maintained in order to protect you, the owner, and the tenant. 

    Rent collected in time

    • A protocol will be put in place to ensure the monthly rent is collected in time, thus maintaining level of uncollected rent minimal. 

    Yearly accounting statements

    • Determine rent received, and expenses (such as repairs or insurance), cash flow, capital gains  and return on investments

    Moving in and out procedures

    • Direct assistance with tenant move-out procedures at the end of term and new tenant move-in .Perform keys exchange protocol

    Professional guidance

    Expert advice, in-and-out-of-building procedures

    Rent Your Condo 

           SAFE and FAST

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